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You ain' nothin' but a ground hog.

Year after year I refuse to participate in April Fool's Day, and the one time I do, I have to disappoint people when it turns out to be a joke. This is the last time I take part in something fun on the Internet.

Anyway, no, I am not releasing an album of accordion music. ribsinbacon and I decided to write each other's posts for April 1st. The post I wrote for him is about the military/S&M-themed excercise video he's been hired to make for Weight Watchers. Yeah, people fell for that one too.

On to other matters:

Tonight I went into the studio to record songs for the Elvis project. There are eight songs and one of them is Blue Suede Shoes (which doesn't have a bass part), and we finished four of the others. Treat Me Nice, by the way, has one of the worst bass parts ever. Not actually unpleasant to listen to, it's just that when you listen carefully to take it apart, it's very obvious that the singer is a) improvising gibberish, and b) lazy or inebriated (possibly both). Whatever. I'm only the bass part, and the recordings sound great, thanks in no small part to the guy who's doing the rest of the vocals. I didn't meet him and didn't ask the recording tech, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's a professional Elvis impersonator.

Also, this month's MP3 is up. As I mentioned before, I had something else ready which was been claimed for other use at the last minute. In the interest of having something up sooner than later, I've posted my cover of What Bothers the Spaceman?, originally recorded by Mono Puff. Astute readers (namely those who are evil_jim) will remember that I posted an instrumental version of What Bothers the Spaceman? back in January of 2004. This is almost the same piece, except that I've made a couple of tweaks to the music and recorded actual, genuine vocals this time.
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