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Beginning my fifteen minutes

So as I keep mentioning, I've been hired to do backing vocals for an instructional singing product.

Today I had a meeting with some of the guys at the studio, and I mentioned at one point that I think there should be more accordion and xylophone in popular music. One of the guys went, "DUDE! I totally agree!" We spent some time talking about accordion artists like Corn Mo, Frankie Yankovic, Weird Al, John Linnell and Dick Dale (the accordianist from the Lawrence Welk Show, not the king of surf guitar)... His face lit up as he told me, “you should really do an accordion album!”

I um, I don't know how to play the accordion. And I told him that.

He said, "Who cares? Half the artists on the Top 40 can't really sing. You can just wing it.”

So went had coffee at Mother Fools and talked about ideas for this album he thinks I should do, and darned if he hasn't convinced me. I'm a little worried about the fact that (as I said) I can't play, but he assures me that they can fix even the worst playing in the studio, and I'm not THAT bad.

My only real problem with this project is that he has his heart set on the album being called “Hand Puppet Fetish,” which I find kind of lackluster and unfunny. I'm going to brainstorm ideas and come up with a list of better titles. Otherwise, though, I'm feeling more and more excited the more I think about it. He told me to come up with a few demos, and I've only been home from the meeting for a little more than an hour, but I already have some recorded. As I said, I don't play accordion, but I've got enough experience with keyboard instruments that I can sort of kind of fake it. Here are short samples from the two I'm proudest of:
Busey Boy (originally recorded by Corn Mo on his album, The Magic is You!)

Hole in the Knee of My Pants (Original composition)
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