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So it's Thursday.

Just got home from practicing with offBeat. I was going to write an entry, but it's such a nice evening that I'm going to take a walk first. Excuse me.

Okay, I'm back.

So offBeat got together tonight, listened to the half of our CD that's finished, talked about possible titles for it, and yes, we even practiced a little. After our next practice we'll have finished a new song, which is pretty awesome. Oh, uh, I finished April's MP3 of the Month today, but now I have to choose something else. I played it for offBeat and they wanna stick it on the album (you'll understand when you hear it), so they're getting first dibs and I'll come up with something else for my site.

Also, I'm definitely hired for that Elvis project. Some of you know about this, others do not. After our recording session last week, the technician pulled me aside and asked if I'd be interested in singing backup for an "instructional singing" product (read: "glorified karaoke"). I said yes, discussed the project with them yesterday, and now I need to listen to the songs nonstop so that I can pick up the bass parts by the recording session on Monday night. I am very worried about this because I'm working from the original songs and they aren't exactly mixed to highlight the background singers. Either way, it's a professional gig, and I'm all excited 'n' stuff.

Other than that there's not a lot to report. I've had a lot of free time at work so I've been playing old Scott Adams text adventures over the last week or so. I don't imagine that anybody reading this remembers those games, but they (sort of) created a genre and changed the computer game industry. These days they're incredibly unimpressive in every way that's detrimental to the success of a game, but they're interesting for the nostalgia factor, being that they were the first computer games I really got into. I bring all of this up because I'm thinking about writing a post about text adventures sometime in the next couple of days, sort of like I did with Loom. It'll be accompanied by another post containing the full text of Leather Goddesses of Phobos, which is one of the most bizzare (certainly one of the funniest) games ever, and I feel like sharing it since I know you don't have the patience to play through it yourself. I certainly don't expect you to read the whole thing.
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