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I coulda been a contender.

Two points:

1. Coming down with a head cold is not fun.

2. Being forced to relive painful memories is never a good thing.

Actually, the memories in question are not painful. But they will not be discussed. Ever. Except with the one person who brought the subject up, and I swear: if you so much as breathe a single syllable of what we eventually discuss, I will turn you (or parts of you, anyway) into haggis.

So what is this sordid and unspeakable subject? It's the fact that I could, a few years ago, have been a minor celebrity. If I'd given up all my moral scruples in mid-2000, I might have managed Hollywood success along the lines of post-public indecency Paul Rubens. Hell, I did manage to make about $1,500 in two-cent increments over the course of four days. Legally, and without anybody taking their clothes off, I might add. If that's not proof that somebody wanted to buy that crap, I don't know what is.

But I'm a different person than I was in 2000, and I'd rather not think about the whole business anymore.

Besides, that song was awful.
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