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Somebody -- either RJ or Jason -- misplaced our garage door opener. I'm sure it's in the house so it's not a big deal and it'll turn up. It's a minor annoyance which I have no problem forgiving because the only time I ever open the garage is on Tuesday night because our trash collection happens on Wednesday morning.

On this particular Tuesday it's a problem, however, because on this particular Tuesday I happened to notice the other side of the garage.

See, we live in a duplex, and the button to open the garage door is next to the entrance to the other side of the house. It wasn't until today that I noticed that the Fine Young Men on the other side haven't taken out their trash in quite some time. Oh, sure, RJ and Ribs have mentioned it to me, but I never go into the garage so I haven't been confronted by the problem.

Until today.

Thinking back on things, I realize that their plastic garbage bin has been on the curb since a little before Christmas. I guess they just got lazy and nobody brought it in. They also appear to have run out of garbage bags and can't be bothered to pick any of those up, either. Their side of the garage is a heaping mound of pizza boxes, beer cans, and various other debris -- everything from socks with gaping holes to iPod packaging to the food-encrusted trays from TV dinners. This, I guess, is what four college guys throw away over the course of three months.

Anyway, the button for the garage door couldn't be reached without stepping into the filth, but as I said they're average college guys, and that means that I managed mostly to step on Hot Pocket boxes and Wal-Mart shopping bags. The pile is big and disgusting, but I'm guessing that most of the least sanitary stuff dried out inside the house before being transferred to the garage. I'm sure the heap will be incredibly nasty if it's still there in May, but they all own motorcycles and will (hopeully) tire of wading through the filth before the weather warms up.
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