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Weekend Update III: The Marsupials

'sup kids. I've got a few days to cover here, so I'll try to be quick.

offBeat wrapped up recording our album on Thursday night. No timeframe yet as to when it'll be ready because it still needs to be mixed and duplicated (and CD duplication is not cheap), but the tracks that are already finished sound great. At some point I imagine I'll have short samples for you to listen to. Anyway you all need to come to the release party. Will let you know when it's scheduled. Incidentally, our next performances at Mill St. Inn & Pub are scheduled for April 20th and 27th, and I'll mention those again closer to the actual dates.

That's the good news I have. Friday was considerably less cool.

I was heading back to work on Friday after stopping home on my lunchbreak and got into a minor accident. I was approaching an intersection where the road running perpendicular to my path had stop signs. I did not. A car crept up to the sign, stopped, lurched forward tentatively, and stopped again. It looked to me as if the driver had changed his mind about crossing at that particular moment. Then he suddenly stepped on the gas at a moment when we were definitely going to collide. I did my best to swerve and hit the brakes but ended up clipping him anyway, which scratched up my paint and ripped off my license plate.

I pulled over. The other driver made a U-turn, put his car in park, picked up my license plate, and came over. I noticed that his car didn't have plates. I got out of him that he didn't have a license, and was uninsured, but when I asked for his contact information, he took a swing at me with my license plate, dropped it, ran to his car and drove away. Incidentally, I don't feel like making this a funny story just at the moment, but I'm sure it has the potential to be one.

The damage to my car is cosmetic, so I'm not reporting it to my insurance. I did call the police and was told (essentially) "we'll give you a break and not file a report because if you file a report we have to ticket you, and it's just not worth your expense if you haven't got contact information for the other driver, especially since he's uninsured." Maybe my priorities need reassessment, but this feels more like a minor annoyance than anything else. It would be a bigger deal if my car were newer, but I lived downtown for three and a half years where it received new dents on an almost weekly basis. The license plate annoys me, but I'll take care of it one way or another. Otherwise, I can handle it satisfactorily with touch-up paint.

The rest of my weekend hasn't been eventful enough to write several pages about it. I'll sum it up.

On Friday night, ribsinbacon and I hung out and did nothing of consequence. The barometric change has had me down for the last few days, so this was a totally worthwhile way to spend the evening. All day long I'd had an irrational craving to see The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, which I satiated after we got home. Having done that, I can't figure out why I was craving it. Why Buckaroo Banzai is so popular and well-liked is beyond me, and once or twice a year I have to sit down and watch it to remember why I don't watch it more often.

On Saturday I ran some errands, and then in the evening I got together with koriandrkitten who sat me through Once More With Feeling (the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I think this may be the only full episode of Buffy I've ever seen, simply because I've ever bothered making time for it. I dunno, people tell me I'd love it. It was pretty entertaining. I had a big, nit-picky paragraph written about one aspect of the musical production of the episode, but I've deleted it for brevity's sake. Later bluntobject came over and we watched The Howling III: The Marsupials, which was on Saturday Night Frights. The verdict? It's fun and laughably bad '80s, drive-in horror fare, and then inexplicably degenerates into an uneventful story about an outcast family's survival in the Austrialian outback. The end of the movie returns to the style it started out with. It's like a fun movie wrapped around a boring one.

Today my sister and I went to our parents' house. We photographed the puppies and visited a little with our uncle, his kids, and our great aunt who had come from Whitewater. It was nice and relaxing, and there was a good minestrone involved. I had choir practice and was relieved to find that missing two practices has not put me irrecoverably behind everyone else. And now I'm home. Isn't that neat?
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