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It's hard to begin your week on Hump Day.

Somebody in another cubicle: Achoo!
Girl in the next cubicle: Bless that person.
Me: No, I think that was ________. He doesn't really deserve it.
Girl in the next cubicle: Oh. Into the flames with him then.
Coversations like this are one of two things keeping me sane at work today. Apparently two days off constitutes almost a week's worth of accumulated work. I'm not sure how that works out mathematically. The other thing keeping me sane is a fax that was addressed to the attention of the "Disappeared Evolution" Department. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to read "Dispute Resolution," and am curious as to the day-to-day business of a bank that offers disappeared evolution services.

Anyway, I'm back at work and feeling much better, thanks. I was probably (more or less) recovered by yesterday afternoon and I felt a little guilty about taking the whole day off, but I don't feel so bad about it now. We used to have separate sick time, vacation time, and personal days, but these were consolidated into a bank of "paid time off" on the first of this year. Under the current rules I can carry up to 80 hours of unused PTO over to the next year.

My job requires me (and you probably already know since I mention it on an annual basis) to take five consecutive days off. Having adjusted my PTO bank for the last two days of absence, I see that I can take twice that and still have more PTO than I can carry over. I don't feel too bad about taking the Mental Health Day now.
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