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Proof that I'm not witty when I'm tired and should just go to bed:

So did everybody have pie today? Good, good. I canceled the plans I'd made for tonight (some of you know what I'm referring to, others... needn't worry) and brought my pie over to agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead's where we watched Hudson Hawk. It was a good, low-key evening.

What else can I write about here? Oh, Saturday. theenigma42's birthday party. Another good time. Lotsa people there including koriandrkitten who somehow managed to get suckered into coming. We went to Ponderosa because, well, there's not much selection in Janesville when you're trying to feed a bunch of vegetarians.

Incidentally, since a group of vegetables is often called a bunch, I think a group of vegetarians should also be referred to by that word. Like "a gaggle of geese" or "a pride of lions." Bunch of vegetarians. See? It works. I wonder what other possibilities there are. A drunk or college students? A geek of Star Trek fans? A jerk of H.R. personnel? A burnout of hippies? A waste of talented fanfic authors?

I dunno, it was just a thought.
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