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So Much For the Afterglow or How to Rip-Off Phil Collins Without Really Trying

I had a musical idea a couple of weeks ago which I really liked, but I was at work at the time so I just got the basics into my computer, vowing to fill it out later: MP3, 137K

Once I got home I started embelishing it a little more, got a couple of ideas for a melody down, etc., but I completely screwed it up by ripping my copy of Wind and Wuthering by Genesis onto my hard drive. See, my favorite song on Wind and Wuthering is Afterglow. Here's a short sample of it: MP3, 92K

If you've downloaded the MP3s, you can probably see where this is going. It had been months (at least) since I'd last listened to Afterglow, but after I ripped it I listened to it and realized that the piece I was working on had a faster version of almost the same chord progression in a different key. In fact, if I replace the guitar part in mine with the one from Afterglow, they become ridiculously similar: MP3, 99K

To some people the idea of stealing material from Genesis might a punchline, but I'm sure a stroll through their body of work would yield at least one really good compilation album which you'd actually like (here's where I would link a midi of The Brazilian if there were any that didn't suck). There's no not much shame in liking Genesis for their better moments.

Anyway, I've been trying on and off for two weeks to work on this piece, but I'm giving up. All I hear when I listen to it is Afterglow, and I think the association is strong enough that I'll never be able to divorce the two.

Incidentally, you may notice that I'm listening to Chicago -- yes, Chicago. Turn not up thy nose. People tend to forget that before Chicago became a suckfest power ballads, they actually produced a few good albums of experimental jazz-rock.
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