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Weekend Update 2: LeChuck's Revenge

This would have been a great morning to call in to work and take a mental health day. It's snowing, I'm tired, my neck is stiff and I've got a headache. I'm starting to write this at 8:40 in the morning, so I'll be fine and wide awake by the time it's posted.

Anyway. The weekend, starting on Thursday which, for the purpose of this livejournal post, is part of the weekend.

offBeat's performance on Thursday was great. nocturne152, agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead came out to see us, cheered us on, and got Baxter's Spaceballs jokes. mouthdrummer's kids (oh, mouthdrummer is Eric, our vocal percussionist, by the way) were also in attendance which made for some pretty entertaining banter. We learned the hard way that it's probably not a good idea to sing Dentist! right after I Don't Want To Live On The Moon. Then I came home to three e-mails praising my most recent album, Agents of Destiny, so I went to bed in a good mood.

Oh, that reminds me, the MP3 of the Month is up. It's an outtake (kind of) from Agents. Check it out.

Friday night I went over to koriandrkitten's apartment and watched a couple of movies. Of note was May which is one of the better recent horror movies I've seen. It depicts a young woman's (Angela Bettis) journey from reasonably creepy vet-tech to scalpel-wielding monster. There's gore, but it's not that kind of movie. The plot moves very slowly and gets us involved with the main character, her obsessive tics and the mundanities of her life. Writer/director Lucky McKee very carefully builds up our empathy for May so that we can see how and why she eventually goes off the deep end. Not that we support her actions, but we understand them. It's an unusual emotional response to what ultimately amounts to a very subdued slasher film. Apparently the critics were not fond of May, but I liked it a lot, and Roger Ebert (whom I usually like to disagree with) praises the same things I have and gave it four stars. Your mileage may vary.

On Saturday I did a great deal of laundry. In the afternoon I accompanied ribsinbacon and his friend Jess to a birthday party at renny1780's house for our friend Lynnette. Let me know if you're having trouble with the previous sentence, and I'll draw you a diagram. We didn't stay long because Ribs and Jess had obligations. Initially I felt kind of bad about this, but there was a fair amount of alcohol consumption going on and I had to fend off numerous drunken propositions from people I didn't know and... it was just not good. More on this later.

Later in the evening I went to Rocky Horror where the attendees of the party showed up, as did phil_bond. All was going well until the film broke less than a minute into the movie. Film breakage is not unusual and is usually fixed shortly via splicing, but the "five minutes" ETA streched out into "soon," and the cast was forced to improvise for about half an hour. At one point I was brought up on stage and asked to sing Dentist!, which I did until I realized that I didn't have backup singers and it kind of died. Eventually the theater announced that the splices weren't holding, and that the film would be in working condition for the next show, but they were giving up for the night. We got our money back and went to Country Kitchen. theenigma42 joined us at the restaurant and we had a great time on the bench talkin' about crime -- mother stabbing, father raping, all kinds of groovy things that we was talking about on the bench. And everything was fine; we was smoking cigarettes and all kinds of things until the Sergeant came over -- had some paper in his hand -- held it up and said.

Then the text messages started.

At first I responded politely, but eventually I gave up and turned off my phone's ringer. See, the attendees of the party did not come to Country Kitchen. They went back to Renee's, and then decided that I should join them for... let's call it adult situations. I learned that telling somebody at 4:00 in the morning just how to bed I'm going (this sentence won't get a diagram, but I'll rewrite it if you want) doesn't mean they'll stop calling. When I got up my phone's memory had run out of space due to all the text messages, and I had voicemail waiting. I haven't listened to it.

On Sunday my sister and I went to my parents' house to photograph the puppies (for those who haven't been paying attention, there are puppies). I skipped choir practice citing snow and fatigue, but these are probably not good excuses. Later in the day I got a call from xmerrie1039x who was in Chicago for Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors where (among other things) she'd met George Romero and Tom Savini, and spent Saturday hanging out with Lloyd Kaufman. Sounds like she had a blast; I'm very jealous. I should pay attention to these things so I can attend sometime. I'd really like to meet Stuart Gordon so I can shake his hand, thank him for Re-Animator, and tell him to cut it out.
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