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Slow work day & keyboard woes

You know what I hate? I hate it when people post to their journals simply because they're bored.

Guess what this post is.

Work is slow today and has been all week because an external client is having a system problem which has cut off my department's entire incoming supply of work. ETA for fixing the problem is tomorrow. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed, mostly because I can't type that way. When the work does come through, I will be under a ridiculous amount of stress for a few days while I scramble to get stuff done in a timely fashion.

So while I'm complaining about stuff you don't care about, I'd like to whine about my keyboard. I bought a new keyboard recently because the old one had serious problems. Namely, most of the keys stuttered. I'd stuck with it because I really like the 1991-vintage, 104-key layout, and I find those Windows keys to be an annoyance. Finally I justified the new keyboard when a good wireless deal showed up on Woot. I knew I wasn't getting the layout I like, but I've been telling myself that I'd have to learn to use newer keyboards someday since the kind I like is no longer standard.

I hate the new keyboard.

Well, that's not entirely true. There's a lot to like about the keyboard. It's attractive and the keys ddon't type liikee thhis. The alphanumeric keys feel more natural than the other keyboard did. What I dislike, however, is the placement of those six extra keys which are usually just above the cursor-control pad. I'm talking about Insert, Delete, Page Up & Down, Home and End.

Apparently nobody else uses these keys. Most new systems ship with compact keyboards which combine the functions of little-used keys. Home, End, Insert and Delete are generally shoved somewhere else on the keyboard and are activated in conjunction with Alt or fn or some other such nonsense. This is what my new keyboard has above the cursor-control pad:

I have no idea how long it's going to take me to become accustomed to this. All I know is that I must use the Home and End keys more than anybody else in the history of history. I'm also reminded, rather painfully, that I learned the Copy and Paste shortcuts from Microsoft's old DOS programs, which means that I'm using Ctrl-Insert and Shift-Insert instead of the currently popular Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. The old shortcuts still work, but the Insert key is waaaaay over on the left above the numeric keypad. It's maddening.
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