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News in brief

Big news! Not for you, for my checkbook. Jason is moving into our house. Actually he probably has moved in -- he doesn't have much stuff. You all remember Jason, right? He used to play Eddie in Tiny Fools? Yeah. that's the guy. I was informed yesterday that he would be adding his name the lease. So how does all of this affect me? Essentially my rent will go down slightly, part of the basement in which I never set foot will become off-limits, and we'll get free cable since he works for Charter. Oh, and the hot water will run out sooner in the morning. Meh. It'll be like the place I moved out of in August, but with less passive-aggressive behavior (I hope).

So anyway, this has been a good weekend. I did get my sheets dried, which was awesome adequate. I spent Saturday running errands with ribsinbacon, and then watched Unleashed with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead. I'd borrowed Unleashed from nocturne152 and totally failed to watch it in a timely fashion because I was afraid it was going to suck. I was quite surprised to discover that it's actually pretty good. Now I feel bad for not watching it sooner. Anyway, confidential to Scott: You're getting your movie back as soon as I remember (hopefully next Saturday).

What else? Oh, guess who visited* me at work on Friday? xmerrie1039x! Yeah, that was cool. Awkward. Cool. Whatever.

Anyway, I've been having this ridiculous craving to play Sam and Max Hit the Road recently, so I'm gonna go do that. Probably won't bother beating the game tonight, but at the very least I'd like to play through the mock-virtual reality sequence. That's my favorite part.

* By "visited" I mean "happened to making a delivery as I was leaving for lunch."

ADDENDUM: Sam and Max is like, the sixth greatest thing ever. I should spend Sunday night like this more often.
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