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Weekend Update III: The Dream-Warriors

On Friday night I hung out with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead, and we watched Scary Movie and Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy. I'd never seen Scary Movie before and had sort of been avoiding it thanks to The Onion's review which hails it as "[o]ne of the worst Airplane! descendents of all time[.]" I came in after they'd started the movie, and I don't think I missed anything good. Truthfully, Scary Movie has a handful of very funny moments floating in a sea of uninspired, so-stupid-it-hurts idiocy. It doesn't speak highly of the movie that I can't remember what the funny moments were, only that they were there. Perhaps they could be recycled in better films, the way Baseketball recycled parts of Brain Donors.

Brain Candy, on the other hand, is one of my favorite comedies ever, despite being mercilessly maligned by the critics as "too busy being ironic to be funny." Oh, well. I think Liz liked it.

At midnight I met lord_alucard at The Orpheum to see Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (aka Flesh for Frankenstein). What a horrifically unpleasant movie. Imagine Frankenstein as if it had been written by Sigmund Freud. That is, imagine that Dr. Frankenstein is a necrophile who married his sister to save her from the stigmatism of being an unwed mother (they're not his kids). He's obsessed with the idea of fathering an entire race with the Adam and Eve he's stitched together, and she's an overprotective mother whose social conservatism masks a great deal of carnal lust. This premise is not wholly without merit (I guess), but the execution is incredibly dull. I can usually find something to like about bad movies but I would never recommend Andy Warhol's Frankenstein to anyone.

I came home to find a car not in our driveway, or rather, there was a car stuck on the snowbank that had been created when the snowplow went through early on Thursday morning. It belongs to one of the guys on the other side of the duplex, and he spent a couple of hours digging it out on Saturday morning. They have never -- not once -- shoveled their half of the driveway. I'd say that I hope they've learned their lesson, but they haven't, I'm sure.

Anyway, Ellen and I got together on Saturday and hung out for a few hours before she had to work. It was the first time I'd seen her in a couple of weeks. We discussed frozen pizza and Vincent Price. It was nice.

In the evening, I joined crabmoon, theenigma42, chaos_ensues, and Shannon (who doesn't have a livejournal) for lord_alucard's birthday celebration. We went out for a bit (see how I don't define what, exactly, "out" is?) and then met evil_jim, matt_william, koriandrkitten at the Olive Garden. It was a good time. I paid about $20 for a meal that was probably worth $7, but whatever. I gave Tom a tastefully and expensively wrapped copy of The Short Films of David Lynch which really should not have its own IMDB page.

After dinner we stopped off at Gemma's apartment to kill a little time, and then headed out to Rocky Horror where we were joined by seanorange and phil_bond (who was also celebrating a birthday (his)). Incidentally, Gemma had made a blue velvet cake for Tom, who joined me in making lame Dennis Hopper jokes which nobody else understood.

matt_william and Shannon had never been to Rocky Horror before, and I think they had a good time. RJ showed up, as did Jason (formerly of Tiny Fools), which was really cool. I had lost a bit of my voice before Rocky Horror thanks to the undiscussed out that we had gone earlier in the evening, but I managed to last through the movie and I did get to use my incredibly lame Valentine's Day callback during Rocky and Janet's scene in the tank: "This being the Valentine's Day show, I thought I'd write you a poem: 'Roses are red, violets are blue. All my base are belong to you.'" I wish I could take credit for that one, but it's actually from a T-shirt which Liz pointed out to me.

As usual we went to Country Kitchen after the show, but I have no amusing anecdotes about that because I was really too tired to function.

On Sunday my sister and I went to our parents' house. I took some photos of the puppies (the Italian greyhounds can be viewed here -- they're the ones against the green background) and watched a movie called Primer. Primer is one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen, I think, but all of the plot development happens in the dialogue and I need to see the movie again because I missed some of it. Imagine Office Space, but with no jokes and more engineering. The story is too full of small revelations for me to summarize it without ruining some of them, but I will mention the complete lack of action and special effects (it's just not that kind of story). If you don't like science fiction, Primer is not the movie for you. If you do like science fiction but thought that Pi was boring, Primer is not the movie for you. I mention Pi because it's similarly reserved, low-budget sci-fi, but Primer is by far the better film.

Sunday evening I went to choir practice. That's right, I've joined Stoughton's Festival Choir. I sung with the choir in the spring of 2003, had a good time, and then neglected to come back because I was busy. I've rejoined because the director asked me personally a couple of weeks ago. Looks like we'll be doing a good selection of the kind of choral music I like. Mostly stuff by long-dead Germans, including Mendelssohn's Die Nachtigall, and Brahms' Die Mainacht (both of which I've sung before), with Mozart's Coronation Mass as the centerpiece. This is the sort of stuff that's really fun to sing, though probably not so much to sit through. I'm really excited about it, though.
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