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Post party reflections:

I'm actually writing this at 3:55 AM on Saturday, but I wanted this entry to show up as Friday, the 29th, so... Jenn and Wendy's birthday party was a good one. I enjoyed myself. Those who didn't know there was a party are advised that I went to a party. Those who were aware, well, I had a good time, and to the person who kept asking me if I "hate" her, no, I don't.

The following passages is not mine (and I have no idea whose words they are -- possibly Sandy Perlman's), but it's a fitting end to the day. No pomp, no explanation, but I was thinking about them on the way home. Your milage will vary:

Rossignol's curious, albeit simply titled book, 'The Origins of a World War', spoke in terms of 'secret treaties', drawn up between the Ambassadors from Plutonia and Desdinova the foreign minister. These treaties founded a secret science from the stars. Astronomy; the Career of Evil.
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