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Same old same old, but with snow.

In case any of you are reading this from a kidnapper's basement where you're tied to a chair, I'd like to point out that southern Wisconsin got "seven to fourteen" inches of snow over the last couple of days.

Incidentally, if you are reading this from a kidnapper's basement where you're tied to a chair and you have no reasonable hope of being rescued anytime soon, I'd like to point out that you really suck at the Internet.

Anyway, snow. Lots of it. Making my life difficult. Yours too, I imagine, if you're not tied to a chair or living somewhere sunny and warm.

It started on Wednesday night. Cancelled my plans, which is really not that big of a deal. I stayed in and watched Fantasia 2000 which I'd been putting off seeing. I know you don't care about my review of Fantasia 2000, so I'll keep it brief -- I didn't like it very much. On paper Fantasia sounds to me like a great idea: a bunch of incredibly talented animators offer their visual interpretations of classical music. Unfortunately, the original Fantasia has never connected with audiences, and its sequel tries too hard to be accessible by forcing a rigid narrative structure over each segment. Narrative structure can be a beautiful thing, but here it's an unhelpful constraint. I can sit through the original film every couple of years and really enjoy it. Fantasia 2000 is, as far as I'm concerned, a series of pretty cartoons set to public domain music. I would much rather recommend Allegro Non Troppo, an Italian parody of Fantasia to which evil_jim introduced me a couple of months ago.

Anyway, on Thursday morning the snow was thick and heavy and I was glad that I'd brushed off my car late on Wednesday night. Shortly after I got to work, my boss announced that in light of the the county-wide school closing, anybody who wanted to go home could do so. I had a few things that needed to be done, so I took care of those. Eventually there was an announcement that the building was shutting down for the day, and that everyone would be sent home at 10:00. This never happens. I finished my stuff and took off, but not before overhearing one side of an amusing phone conversation.

We have a volunteer Disaster Recovery Team whose job is to keep us up and running through everything from earthquakes to damaged fiber-optic lines to Mad Max-style assault by roving motorcycle gangs. Mandating weather-related closings is their responsibility, and I got to listen (it was a loud conversation and unavoidable) as one of the DRT members calmly explained over and over to one of the big-shots at the corporate headquarters just what was happening in Madison. As soon as he heard the phrase "disaster recovery," he assumed that some apocalyptic catastrophe had occurred, and she had to talk him down. After she got off the phone she said that the DRT will hold a meeting next week to discuss whether or not they need to change their name. She may have been joking, but I didn't ask.

I spent my most-of-a-day off doing nothing of note. In the evening, I met with offBeat at Paradyme Studios to record. Yes, we're putting together our first album and arguing about what it should be called. I was going to suggest parodies of other well-known album titles, but Electric Landlady and Sheik Yerbouti are both already taken, Rub 'er Soul isn't actually funny, and More Songs About Robots and Onions is both obscure and unfunny.

But no, we did some recording. It was fun and we got good (if not glorious) takes of the four songs we worked on (Summertime, Keep Smilin', Dentist! and Angelina/Zuma Zuma Baca La, not that you know them). We'll be recording again in March, and are hoping to have eight songs recorded in total. Yeah, it'll be a short album. Freakin' great though -- I promise. Speaking of promises, I promised Eric that I'd mention in my journal that the click track we used to record Angelina reminded us both of the Blue Öyster Cult: Behind the Music sketch from Saturday Night Live, featuring Christopher Walken, so here we go: The click track we used to record Angelina reminded us both of the Blue Öyster Cult: Behind the Music sketch from Saturday Night Live, featuring Christopher Walken. See? I always keep my promises.

Today got off to a bumpy start when I walked out of the house and realized that the snowplow had blocked my car in place on the street. The plow has driven down our street exactly once since Wednesday, which is unfortunate since the street is almost two plow-widths wide. Eight inches of snow wasn't a big deal last night when it was fresh and light, but this morning it was much more solid which meant digging myself out twice. The rest of the day hasn't gotten better. I had an entire paragraph outlining the lousiness that is my Friday, but I'd rather just replace it with this sentence stating that if not for my headache, I'd probably be in a better mood. Oh, well.
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