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Damn those bastards at UPS.

I have already done a substantial portion of my holiday gift shopping online, mostly because I'm ordering a lot of specialty items which are unavailable even in Madison, Wisconsin. One of them arrived today. Unfortunately I wasn't here to receive it.

No sweat, one of my roommates can sign for it, right? Not so, mofo. Everybody was out, and when I got home, there was a note -- sorry, InfoNotice™ stating:

We attempted to:
X Deliver
_ Pick up

X 1st attempt
_ 2nd attempt

1 pkgs from ________________________

Next attempt will be made on: F.
Approximate time of next attempt: 2:00 - 5:00

X Signature required on delivery (in person)

There was also a handwritten message on the note: "C. Gagnon must sign personally. Will only attempt one more delivery or will send back to LA."

What the flying hell? Did I accidentally order biohazardous materials? Nuclear waste? The Black Goat of the Forest with a Thousand Young? Not as far as I can recall. Anyway, today's delivery attempt happened at 3:36 per Does this mean I need to negotiate a shorter workday tomorrow so they don't send my stuff elsewhere? I'll figure it out tomorrow (which is about ten minutes away right now).

What else can I moan about? Well, for one thing, my internet connection is running incredibly poorly... I can't get into my e-mail at all, and just getting into livejournal required a number of refreshes. This time it's not the fault of that bandwidth hogging jerk my roommate Sean, because he's having problems, too. As far as we can tell, it's our service provider -- everything else on the network is fine, and we've made no setup changes.

Finally, this is likely only of interest to evil_jim, but I attempted some work on Captain Spleen 3D today... As you'll probably recall, episode 3 was going to become an audio drama, ala The Adventures of Kickass McBeatemup (which I have also never written). It occurs to me that my plot isn't working because I'm writing computer game puzzles into it. Does this mean I should pick up development on the game I abandoned so long ago? You tell me.

No matter what I tell anybody, the real reason I stopped work on CS3 is that I didn't like where the story was going. I regretted having killed off Mr. Pointy, and I regretted the way I did it (although you have to admit that Hollywood will never make a movie in which the bad guy drowns in his own snot in response to the Brick Joke). I underused Kent, who is exactly the same character as South Park's Kenny (except that I came up with Kent at least two years before the premier of South Park). Spleen's personality is underdeveloped to the point that you can never tell when he's telling a joke (except for the one about the brick). Come to think of it, what was the point of writing Thelonius Q. Greengenes into the second episode at all? Am I ever going to be sued by They Might Be Giants, the Zappa Family Trust or the Two Guys from Andromeda? These things didn't sit well with me. I decided to start the whole story over, using the characters as I'd imagined (but not actually written) them. It doesn't work as a traditional story because the plot is still built around solving puzzles. I should rectify this. I should begin work on Captain Spleen 3D: The Game. Again.
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