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The Adventures of Weekend Update Across the Eighth Dimension

This has been a good weekend. Unfortunately, it's been the kind of good weekend which doesn't make for good reading, so I'm going to try to breeze through things here.

Friday: koriandrkitten's house-warming party. Small get-together. Started out reasonably well, but the discussion of social politics kind of ruined it for me. Then again, I was also depressed as a result of being tired and fatigued, and that can't have helped. Eventually Gemma had to go to work, so I joined agaysexicon and lord_alucard at the Orpheum for the midnight showing of John Carpenter's The Thing.

I'd never seen The Thing before, and since I'd only just found out that the movie was showing, I didn't know whether we'd be watching his version or The Thing from Another World. My verdict: Probably Carpenter's most mainstream work, but far from his best. Its current rank of #240 on IMDB's Top 250 Films seems a little ridiculous to me. The original 1951 version is a better movie all around (except in the special effects department) and holds up well after more than half a century, so if you've seen and enjoyed Carpenter's version, I recommend the other one for comparison.

Saturday: This Saturday was one of the most productive Saturdays I've had in months. ribsinbacon, RJ and I tackled cleaning the house from top to bottom. Yeah, it doesn't make a good story, but it feels good to have it done. We celebrated by going out for lunch.

On Saturday night, I went to devianttouch & wendybyrd's apartment for the Pre-Benny's Surgery/the_apricot's Birthday/Benny's Work Promotion Party. Had a good time, played Chez Geek, talked to people I hadn't seen in awhile, and then tactlessly left behind the book r3507 has been trying to loan me for a couple of months. Kyle, I'm sorry. I'll get it later. Promise.

Jimi and I ducked out early to go to Rocky Horror, where I watched xmerrie1039x down a Long Island iced tea in less than a minute, lost my voice by arguing with Nick about soup, and generally enjoyed myself. Afterward, I ended up driving Tom and Gemma to Country Kitchen. On the way I yelled at people named Brian and sent out a ridiculous number of text messages. If you find the previous sentence confusing, it will not be explained (though I'm happy to send out the text message to anyone who didn't receive it last night). At the restaurant we sat and brooded with seanorange and phil_bond over the fact that our food took forty minutes to arrive. Somehow my memory of this is a pleasant one.

Sunday: My sister and I went to our parents' house to check out the new puppies. Oh, for those who aren't me, there are new puppies at my parents' house. They're cute. Hung out with my parents, and then watched The Wizard of Speed and Time with my dad and sister after mom left for work. WOSAT was well-received because, well, you'd understand if you'd seen it.

Anyway, I'm home now. A little tired. Will attempt to turn in early this evening, but that never works.

Incidentally, the MP3 of the Month is up. Has been for a couple of days, but I'm only mentioning it just now.
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