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...and they all have credit cards.

Clearly you don't need to be literate or intelligent to get a credit card. Here's a small sampling of the things I've had to read since 8:30 this morning:
  • "I felt they was a rip off."

  • "I got hanged up on twice."

  • "This: is what: he said. 'I will not: let you have: your money back.'"

  • "My offer still stands because our door's are open and I will correct the problem if she will come in and allow me to, but she has to come in first because we are a beauty salon and obviously we can't do housecall's, but I doubt that she will come in sence she has refused to come in in the past and that makes me think that she is lying, that she is happy with her hair coloring but does not want to pay for it which is stealing plain and simple, so in short I will not issue a refund unless I get to see her hair and see that the coloring was really that bad, sence I have a lot of satisfied customer's, and they are always willing to let me know or give me a chance if they are unsatisfied and even then we always work out our situation's that's the mature way."

  • "Dear Esteemed Gentlemen, I personally think this is bullshit."
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