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"To Colin - Please stop imitating me to get laid. Emo Philips."

...such was the inscription on the CD I bought from Emo Philips on Friday night.

I should back up, since I'm going to briefly outline my weekend. At least, I'm going to try to be brief. Fat chance of it actually happening.

On Friday evening I braved the 40-minute drive downtown (usually it's ten, but (in case you're living in California) it was snowing). lord_alucard had come up to Madison to see A Wake at Broom Street Theatre with koriandrkitten. We had dinner at Gino's where the waitress didn't refill my coffee often enough.

After the meal, I dropped them off at the theatre, and got together with evil_jim and phil_bond at The Comedy Club to see Emo Philips. Jim and I had only found out about the show that day, so we didn't have reservations and had to sit toward the back. No big loss -- we could see the stage well enough, and it was a good show. I don't know Mr. Philips' work very well, other than his small role in the movie UHF, and a few interviews (mostly associated with UHF) which I've seen him give. He's worth checking out and has a great website.

We stuck around after the show and bought CDs from Mr. Philips when came out. He's a friendly guy, and put the right number of Ls in my first name when he autographed my CD (something Frank Cho failed to do after I spelled my name for him twice). After we left the club, Jim, Caleb and I went back to Jim's place and hung out for awhile. I got arrested for hitting a kid.

On Saturday I insta-- wait, that did I just say something about hitting a kid? I'm sorry, that didn't happen. I was distracted by something on the CD I'm listening to. Anyway, on Saturday I installed a new hard drive I'd purchased a couple of weeks ago and just hadn't gotten around to putting in.

It took about four hours.

I'm not sure why it took four hours. Well, partly I decided to blow the as much dust out of my tower as I could and untangle the rat's nest of cords behind it, but most of my time was spent trying to figure out why the computer wouldn't boot from the primary drive with the new one connected as a slave. The solution? Accidentally tell the BIOS that it only holds 120 megabytes. The Mac users on my Friends list (hi to all one of you) will tell me that this would never happen if I had a Mac, but frankly, it should never happen on a PC either. Anyway, my new drive registers as 250 gigs in Windows, but in the BIOS it's set as 120 megs. No, I don't get it either.

Saturday night I met crabmoon and theenigma42 at Broom Street Theatre for the aforementioned play. It's a comedy about how people react to death, and it's fun. You should see it. Admittedly, I'm finding a disparity between what I expect of Broom Street shows and what they actually end up being. I think it's because the first several shows I saw there were serious sensual assaults -- Joel Gersmann and rob_matsushita, mostly. Good stuff (very good stuff), but grueling. Not all (not even most) BST productions are so difficult to sit through. A Wake is fairly innocuous, but it's a pretty enjoyable time.

Anyway, post BST was Denny's and then Rocky Horror where I finally got around to wearing the Infamous Squeeze Me shirt. Some of you have seen the Infamous Squeeze Me shirt, but I haven't worn it for a few years because it makes me uncomfortable. Let me explain.

Some time ago one of my coworkers was discarding her old T-shirts, and she happened upon one featuring a picture of a bottle of Plochman's Mild Yellow Mustard and the words "Squeeze Me." She decided I should have it. I wore it to Rocky Horror a couple of times, and then decided not to wear it out anymore after a visit with my former housemates to East Towne Mall, during which I was attacked by a girl who can't have been older than twelve. It was embarrassing, and I felt involuntarily dirty. The shirt got put away semi-permanently, but I dragged it out at the request of koriandrkitten after I related the "attacked by a twelve-year-old" story. Anyway, Rocky was fun, and the shirt got me squeezed by several cast members.

Come to think of it, being squeezed by cast members -- specifically, the wrong cast members -- was another reason I stopped wearing that shirt Back in the Day. Then again, xmerrie1039x and koriandrkitten and jeklnskinsgrl weren't part of the cast Back in the Day. crabmoon made me promise to let her wear the shirt sometime.

After the -- oh, geez, this post has gotten much longer than I'd expected. Sorry, I'll wrap it up. We'll skip discussion of Sunday, since it was mostly spent watching Eric Idle dressed as a nun. Where was I? Oh yes. After the show we went to Country Kitchen where the staff completely ignored my drink order. This was a blessing since I didn't want anything and had only ordered out of politeness. seanorange had brought his laptop and showed everybody the video of Puppy Star Trek, which is the sort of thing that ruins political campaigns. Otherwise, the evening was a mess of relationship drama, unpleasant confrontations, and waitstaff giving us things for free. This is just how I remember Rocky Horror in 2002. I dunno if that's a good thing, but it felt like home.
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