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Advertising, possible car issues, and Ellen's birthday

First things first: offBeat performs on Thursday night at 7:00 at Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge. Also, I'll be attending A Wake at Broom Street Theater on Saturday night (8:00, $7). I have at least a couple of people interested. Any other takers? Let me know.

Second: The aforementioned Sacred Potato Productions Music Store (such as it is) is up with a couple of albums to download. Check it out and listen to some of the samples. You don't have to buy anything, I just want to know if there are any huge, glaring errors in the software I've purchased. Anyway...

So um, so my car might be having serious problems. Or they might be small problems. Or there might be no problems at all. I won't know until I've driven it to work tomorrow (or tried, at least). If I were some of my friends from high school, I'd sink into the dilapidated couch (in my memory, we were always sitting on a dilapidated couch or packed tightly into a dilapidated minivan*), exhale heavily at this point and say "blows."

I've never been sure whether "blows" was short for "this blows" or "I'd like to administer blows to the source of my anxiety." Probably the former, but the latter would be more satisfying.

Anyway, yesterday was Ellen's birthday get-together at JT Whitney's. Almost everybody who is anybody was there, which is an easy way of circumventing having to type a whole bunch of HTML tags to link to their journals. It was interesting. I dunno. I ended up sitting down at the end of the table with three of Ellen's coworkers who are all qualified to make small talk with John Moschitta Jr. (twenty points to anybody who gets the lame joke without doing research). I was next to the_apricot (who was quiet) and across from jinxedkisses (who was recovering from being sick). I didn't do a lot of talking. I think I'm being phased out of this particular social group to some extent, which I guess is okay because it has to be.

It was a pleasant evening out though, and I learned that I don't like the... well, I don't quite remember what it was called, but I'm not ordering it again. I did talk to Ellen and tempermemad before the night was out, which was nice. I think she had a good time. I told her that I was going to give her a harmonica every Christmas and for her birthday until she has one in every key.

Ellen, if you're reading this, I'm not kidding. Figure out what key that one was in so I can get you the others.

* Weird hats were usually involved too, come to think of it. The guilty parties know what I'm talking about.
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