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I already have the action figure. Get me the finger puppet.

I've had a productive evening. By some standard, anyway.

This evening I came home, cleaned up Melancholy December, and posted it as my MP3 of the Month for December. I'll have to listen to it in the car tomorrow morning to see if the mixing is still off. I'm pretty sure it's fine. Go ahead and grab a copy.

I've also done some research into the best gifts of 2003, and there's some really good stuff in here, if I do say so myself. Despite the fact that it's presented as a gift guide, this is actually a list of suggestions for the Colin on your list. Now there are ten items on the list, but there are considerably more than ten of you who list me as friends. I don't mind getting two copies of How To Pee Standing Up, but I don't want six copies. Please coordinate your efforts.

Finally, last but not least, I've decided to give you all an early Chri-- ah, holiday present... It's a lovely little Holiday Greeting. It sings (by which I mean it plays music through your PC's internal speaker), it dances (by which I mean it displays 16-color, static ASCII pictures), and it's sure to amuse.

I promise that I don't honestly have this much free time on my hands. It's just that when I do get free time, I tend to go nuts and do things like this.
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