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Random notes... I left work early today for a number of reasons:

1. I didn't have enough work to do at a normal pace.
2. I couldn't spread my work out far enough.
3. My boss was out and thus not there to stop me.
4. Counting lunchbreaks I didn't take, I put in enough time this week to justify leaving early.

I understand that these boil down basically to points 1 and 3, but a two item list could be condensed down to a sentence. Where's the fun in that?

Anyway, I tried to make plans for this evening, but they fell through, so I made alternate plans. ribsinbacon and I got together to watch The City of Lost Children, which I haven't seen in awhile. It's a good film. The visual composition (as in any Jean-Pierre Jeunet film) is incredible, and the music was composed by Angelo Badalamenti -- how cool is that? We watched the English dub, and in that film it doesn't really make a difference. Why? Because when it came out in the mid-90's, it was dubbed first. The subtitles are taken nearly verbatim from the dub. The few changes are small and apparently pointless -- they do not reflect the original French dialog, and they don't change the context of the lines. Awhile back when I was taking a film class, I had to write a 10,000 word essay (which is not as long as it seems (when you write like I do, anyway)) about a specific motif in a specific film. The paper was worth a major part of my grade. I chose the use of animals in The City of Lost Children, wrote the essay in one night, and got a really good grade on it. I think I did so well because the teacher liked me and knew that I was burning the candle at both ends that semester. I wrote a lot of screenplays for that class, including one about a kid who gets beaten up at school, so he and his mad scientist father build a robot dinosaur to terrorize their enemies.

This was before my present (Strong Bad/Doctah Pussay influenced) obsession with robots.

Anyway, today I've been receiving e-mail solicitations like crazy. It's not the usual bigger/thicker/cleaner/lower breasts/penis/septic tank/mortgage rates spam I usually get. No, this time online record labels are soliciting me because they know is closing. Somehow, there's something incredibly flattering and at the same time insulting about being told that "we think your music would be best classified under our 'Mike Oldfield Soundalikes' group." This actually brings me to a completely separate point, but something that bugs me greatly: when I'm looking at these sites, they always have major genre categories -- R&B, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc., and perhaps a few subgenres, but at some point, you get down to "Sounds like Mr. Bungle," "Sounds like TLC," "Sounds like Dave Matthews, but with less suck." People purchase over-the-counter painkillers this way, but nobody walks into a record store with the intent of buying "something that sounds like Daniel Johnston but isn't." For some reason, this is how most of the online music services categorize their content.

I'm nearly nodding off at the keyboard, but I need to finish my laundry so I can put sheets on my bed. Or perhaps I can finish the sheets tomorrow and sleep in my clothes. Either way, sleep would be a good thing right about now.
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