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I'm so glad Secret Santa is over.

I would really rather not be at work today.

I'm tired and I'm coming down with a cold. I actually figured out yesterday morning that I have a cold. My throat hurts a great deal and I didn't sleep well last night which has put a damper on my ability to function at work today. On a normal day this wouldn't be bad enough for me to call in sick, but I really wanted to this morning, considering that I lose my sick days at the end of the year. I decided against it because, well, if I don't go to work today, it looks like I'm milking an extra vacation day out of Christmas.

Besides, I had a Secret Santa gift to deliver.

All told, I received mostly candy this year, along with a toy car that falls apart when it hits something, one o' those dollar DVDs of Flash Gordon episodes, and three mix CDs: Christmas music, the best of King Missile, and some of the best of Queen.

Here's what I got for the guy whose name I drew:
Monday: Bratz coloring book and a box of crayons.

Tuesday: Rubber duckie and two rubber ducklings (duckielings?) wearing santa hats.

Wednesday: He-Man-esque action figures with more weapons than hands. I set them up around his cubicle, and taped the extra weapons to the ducks, which looked great.

Thursday: A Very Zombie Christmas

Friday: A page-a-day Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar. Tacky, but it's what he wanted.
I think he liked the CD more than anything else. He took some of his coworkers out to lunch this afternoon, and they listened to it in the car, both. They all stopped by to say they loved it.

I really hate Secret Santa gift exchanges. It's a waste of time and money, but I do it every year. Sometimes I participate because I don't have a choice, but mostly I like finding out what other people think I'd like. This year was actually pretty good, as far as the mix CDs were concerned. The guy who made the CDs knew that I own a "best of" Queen boxed set (shut up! I like 'em!), so he made a CD of good songs that got passed over in favor of songs that were released as singles. As for King Missile, well, I keep passing up their albums at Preplayed because I'm not sure whether they're worth my time. Now I have an answer (and I think it's yes).

As far as giving gifts goes (that's GGG for all you Savage Love readers), in theory it sounds fun, but inevitably I end up with somebody for whom I'm not comfortable making guesses. I did better than I would have expected, especially with the zombie CD. And the rubber duckies wearing santa hats and carrying broadswords and spears was a nice accident, too.
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