Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

Public Service Announcement:

This is not going to be entertaining or funny, just a point of note. If you think it's directed at you, you're probably right, but it's information which may be useful to everyone. I stress that this is a general FYI, and I'm not angry or exasperated or anything like that. Anyway, the PSA:

Do not be surprised or offended if I fail to answer my phone.

Partly, I'm just a jerk who sometimes ignores calls, but mostly I actually do miss them, especially on weeknights. During the week I'm often not home until 10:00 or later. I can't say "usually," but it's often enough that if you call me during that window of time and I don't pick up, it probably means my ringer is off. I do listen to my voicemail, and your call will probably be returned the next day.

It's not personal, and I'm not avoiding you.

Thank you.
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