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December 14th, 2005

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10:02 am - This indeed is a dark day, dudes.*
Okay, that's it.

I can't take this anymore.

Coffee should taste like coffee. If you find that unpleasant, you can always thin it with milk or disguise it with sugar.

Flavored coffee is an abomination on par with the musicals of Rogers and Hammerstein.

Whatever today's flavor is,** it smells just like the stuff we used to use to polish the woodwork when I lived at The Pit. I can't get it past my nose. This occurrence has become more and more common as the AEG and her friends discover more and more "interesting" flavors that they just have to try.

I will no longer drink the "good" coffee at work. I can't do it anymore. I just can't. The free, weak swill that comes out of the vending machine is better than this.

* Sorry to ruin the sense of doom and futility, but I liked the alliteration.

** Addendum: This coffee is apparently called Tamsyn, and I have no idea what it's supposed to taste like (other than "artificial and natural flavors"). I'm not aware of a flavor called tamsyn, and Google returns no helpful matches on the search for "tamsyn coffee."
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Date:December 14th, 2005 11:53 pm (UTC)
I guess to explain this whole coffee thing, I should point you to one of the first livejournal entries I ever made.

The vending machine coffee is weak, that's all. It could be worse, I guess, but it could be much, much better. The coffee I vowed to stop drinking today is much, much better, but I prefer normal, black coffee, and the women who control our coffee prefer heavily flavored. I'm sorry. I know I'm in a minority on this, but I can't stand that stuff.

Incidentally, this is unrelated, but my favorite coffee anecdote is about my dad's coffee, which is offensively strong. He just likes it that way. Anyway, my sister, who has worked on and off in coffee shops for the last few years decided one day to take a travel mug of Dad's coffee to work to determine just how strong it was. She experimented mixing regular coffee and espresso, and employed the help of one of her coworkers and one of the regulars at the shop to help her in taste testing. Eventually, they figured out that my dad's coffee -- which he drinks as he reads in bed every night -- is as strong as two shots of espresso in eight ounces of regular coffee.
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Date:December 15th, 2005 02:08 am (UTC)
For people who like tasty coffee, I strongly hint in the direction of EVP or Ancora as local places to purchase coffee that is delicious, freshly roasted, and *not* flavored.
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Date:December 15th, 2005 02:13 am (UTC)
Eventually, they figured out that my dad's coffee -- which he drinks as he reads in bed every night -- is as strong as two shots of espresso in eight ounces of regular coffee.

So you are saying he likes THICK coffee. I'm thinking Turkish coffee. With enough half and half, that could be pretty decent stuff.

One thing I do dislike at the moment is the Coffeemate and similar flavored creamer products. They all taste alike, regardless of the flavor, and they have a weird, artificial aftertaste thing going on. I am fine with half and half or milk with some fat content in my coffee, but I'm just not big on the Coffeemate.

Flavored coffee is OK sometimes. Depends on the flavor and its strength. I have found it helps to mix it with unflavored coffee to kill some of the flavor strength.
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Date:December 15th, 2005 02:19 am (UTC)
I've had Turkish coffee... He likes his just a little stronger, and not sweetened.

Honestly, I've had one or two flavored coffees that I did like. We recently had a peppermint flavor at work which sounded repulsive to me, but turned out to be pretty good. The thing is, I've been overwhelmingly disgusted by them, so I'm taking a stand.

And no, I don't do Coffeemate, either. Dairy is fine (specifically milk, but half & half, cream, etc. work too. No cheese, thank you), but I'm not big on non-dairy creamers.
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Date:December 15th, 2005 04:39 am (UTC)
Isn't "non-dairy creamer" an oxymoron?

Garmonbozia for the soul.

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