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Signs of the pending apocalypse: I am posting about Paris Hilton

Yes, I know. With all of the serious issues going on in the world, blah, blah, blah. I don't post about serious world issues. There are plenty of reputable news sources for that. Anyway...

The XBOX 360's release party last month would have come and gone with little fanfare, had it not been for the presence of numerous B-list celebrities and musicians who probably have better ways to develop carpal tunnel syndrome than blasting aliens. Apparently Paris Hilton showed up, and it was picked up by every blog with an interest in gaming.

As I said, this is old news, but my favorite music blog, Largehearted Boy, mentioned it this morning:
Even Paris Hilton loves the XBOX 360.
No, no she doesn't.

What Paris Hilton loves is getting paid $200,000 for a 20-minute public appearance.

I don't think her hands are even big enough to fit around the controller, and I seriously doubt that she has any interest in figuring out multiplayer Halo II, though I do think it would be funny to hear her try to pronounce the word "pwned."
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