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December 6th, 2005

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10:33 pm - offBeat on Thursday and Friday, plus a totally worthless challenge!
'tis the season for me to forget the lyrics to Christmas songs onstage, so I'd just like to remind all y'all that offBeat Acappella will be performing in the auditorium at Edgewood High School on Thursday the 8th at 7:00 PM. Come out and see us -- it's free.

We'll also be at Stella's Speakeasy, "Stoughton's sexiest* martini bar" on the 9th, also at 7:00, also free (as far as anybody knows).

Oh, and this week's Red Meat is totally the reason I read Red Meat.

Finally, since it's been amusing me so much recently, anybody but spidermoon77 who can identify the origin of the quote and picture below gets exactly twenty thousand million points:
"The experiment begins in the Twin Cities of the single state known as Minnesota, specifically the legendary rock club known as First Avenue, where the artist formerly known as public radio's Garrison Keillor first bathed our world in the purple madness of songs such as When Doves Cry and Powdermilk Biscuit Rain."

* Read: "only"
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Date:December 8th, 2005 04:23 am (UTC)
Ah, well. 's okay. There will be other shows, and they will always be mentioned here, though you may have to wade through 2,000 words of who-I-hung-out-with-and-what-movie-we-watched.
offBeat on Thursday and Friday, plus a totally worthless challenge! - Garmonbozia for the soul.

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