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Yeah... How come all my body parts so nicely fit together?

Three points to anybody who recognizes the subject line of this post. No points for Googling because it's really not that cool.

laviorli called me and invited me to dinner tonight with the usual gang. Thai food at Sa Bai Thong, where I'd never eaten before. Somewhat surprised that Mary wanted to eat there, as it's really hard with Asian food to tell what's vegan and what might have a dab of shrimp paste. I don't really know what I had (#71 on the menu, if that helps) but it was some kind of fried rice which sat at their third level of spicyness (out of five). I'm never really sure how much spicy I can tolerate because it has more than anything to do with the spices involved. I'm sure someone could find exceptions to this, but I've never had a hot sauce or Mexican food which bothered me. Asian food it a totally different story. Sichuan and Hunan cuisines don't bother me, but a simple hot and sour soup (spicy, but tolerable to most of my coworkers) makes my nose run and my eyes water like nothing else.

Anyway, whatever I had was right about at the perfect level of spiciness. Enough to taste it, not so much that I had eat slowly or dampen the flavor.

After the restaurant pennylane_81 and renny1780 went home. crabmoon demanded karaoke, so we went to the Karaoke Kid. laviorli refused to sing, but lord_alucard, phil_bond, Lindsay and I each did a song or two. I did Dentist! from Little Shop of Horrors, which proved disasterous. There are all sorts of extra instrumental fills and breaks which threw me off since I was so confident about the song. I also did Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror (as opposed to Sweet Transvestite from Handel's Messiah) and Afternoons and Coffee Spoons by The Crash Test Dummies, both of which went somewhat better. I found that no matter how low my voice normally is, ten minutes spent conversing over the music of a karaoke bar pretty much destroys my low range. Normally I can sing in the same range as Brad Roberts, but I had to take the song an octave up. For most of the time that we were in the bar, we were the only people there. We didn't tip, and Tom was the only one of us to purchase a drink. We probably weren't well-liked by the employees. I don't care. The BOC selection was limited to Don't Fear the Reaper, the Theme from Mr. Belvedere (which I sang last time) is inexplicably gone, and they've never had Birdhouse In Your Soul, which, though not a staple, is common enough at karaoke establishments.

They uh, didn't have What's On Your Mind by Information Society, either.
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