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Yesterday afternoon I took my sister and her boyfriend James to see a matinee showing of Mirrormask, which had been recommended to me by inle_the_rabbit. I think you would all love it, but that's a moot point for the moment since last night was its final night played in Madison. It doesn't come out on DVD until the end of December which means that I can't badger anybody into buying it for me as a Decemberween present, but it's one I'd like to own. It's more a triumph of visual effects than anything else. The plot which is a rather bland pastiche of Labyrinth and Alice in Wonderland (with character designs by Hieronymus Bosch). Neil Gaiman wrote the screenplay and is certainly capable of better, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that even on the drawing board, the story was meant to take a backseat to the visuals. This probably sounds like a negative review, but it's not. On a production level, it's beautiful, imaginative, stimulating, and one of the most original (looking) films I've ever seen. That's enough to make it worthwhile.

On a different topic, my coworkers rock for having brought in all kinds of food today, but I wish that whomever had brought in the bagels had either gotten a few that weren't sticky and sweet, or had not brought in sun-dried tomato cream cheese to go with them. That's just mean.
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