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"Freedom's just seven digits away... I'm callin' in sick today..."

Today I did nothing. I called in to work because I've been sleeping so poorly the last few nights. When I got up around 11:30, my pounding headache was gone. I showered, considered going in (but didn't), and, well, did nothing. I did go out during the afternoon, and I took a walk this evening, but for the most part I can't figure out where the day has gone.

Before my walk I moved all my garments from Nate's closet into my own. I guess I should explain this. Last year, the room I had was only slightly bigger than the cutting board I no longer have to use. It did not have a closet. Nate had a closet. I put the stuff I absolutely wasn't going to need for Spring and Summer in there. Anyway, it's getting colder out, so I decided to go through that stuff. Among the things I found is my trenchcoat. It needs slight mending, which I can do myself, but I may never get around to it. I threw my coat on and paused in front of my mirror to look at myself.

The coat totally fails to go with the red, plaid shirt I'm wearing, which looks like the kind of thing John Flansburgh would wear. Extra points if you know who John Flansburgh is, but you lose them if you think you're cool just because I awarded you points for knowing who John Flansburgh is. It's okay -- I would have lost them, too. Just the same, I'd rather keep wearing suit coats all winter long, but I'd also like not to freeze to death. It's not exactly a tossup. In the pockets of my coat I found an ATM receipt from when my checking account had $4,523 in it (don't worry, it's embarrassingly more realistic now), some unsafe-looking Wint-O-Green Lifesavers, and a Post-It Note bearing the cryptic message "Julia. Swivel/rotate - $19." I have no idea what that means. I know who Julia is, but I'm not sure I want to jog my memory on this one.

So I went for a walk, came home and made pasta salad. It's pretty good, but it reminds me of the post-Rocky conversation at Country Kitchen, so Liz, Nick and Michelle, this is for you:

AND THEN... she used to ask me to make pasta salad out of a box, but she'd make me use two boxes of pasta, the seasoning from one, and none of the oil and vinegar required per the directions because she didn't "like strong foods." Each time it was deplorable, and she was perfectly happy to make this known, but the pasta salad had to be prepared EXACTLY THE SAME WAY NEXT TIME.

Glad I got that off my chest, and sorry to those who are lost but are still reading (hi, Evil Jim). Anyway, yeah. Perhaps I should decrease my evening coffee intake too. Do I have some Postum downstairs? I think so. I'm going to try hard to get eight hours of sleep tonight (it's not going to happen, though).
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