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[Clever subject incorporating soda, music, trenchcoats and Johnny Cash]

Let's get the shameless advertising out of the way first, 'kay? Jones Soda has opened a music site for independent artists. No kiddin'. I've set up an account for myself which you can check out here. Some of the songs up there you will have heard (if you've been downloading my stuff). Others you probably haven't. The site looks like what was trying to be before they figured out that their business model didn't work. I'm not sure how MyJonesMusic is going to work on an economic level, but I don't see them offering royalties they can't afford or illegally streaming content owned by the major record labels or investing in mall kiosks to burn you mix CDs of songs you don't like from bands you've never heard of. That kind of behavior gets you bought out by Vivendi Universal real quick like.

Anyway, have a listen and sign up for the site -- it's free.

Last night I got myself a new, khaki trenchcoat, which I really prefer to black. It's nice and didn't cost me as much as I'd expected. Here's hoping I can still justify the expenditure after I'm a little more awake. That's pretty much my last personal purchase until Christmas shopping is finished, and I'm a man which means that it's going to take me awhile.

After I bought the coat, I went with ribsinbacon to see Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic. Good film. I'm unqualified to address the accuracy of the characters or the history presented, but it's a good story and the filmmaking is solid. Great casting, especially Joaquin Phoenix, whom I've always thought I hated. I'm starting to figure out that he's a really good actor whose abilities I misjudged thanks to Gladiator (the problem was the movie, not Mr. Phoenix). The fact that he and Reese Witherspoon did their own singing and learned to play their instruments is a nice bonus. Come to think of it, I'm starting to like Reese Witherspoon, too. I always thought her only redeeming qualities were cuteness and the ability to memorize her lines, but in retrospect her career has been mired in lackluster saccharine roles... just like every other promising actress. If she has a good agent, she'll get better roles. If not, well, there are worse things than being the next Meg Ryan.
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