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"I brought bread and salad dressing. Whuddidjoobring?"

It's Food Day at work! As per usual, I brought hummus. It's easy, it's ugly, and usually there's a lot leftover.

Going back over my early posts, I realize that (unless I've missed it) I never actually discussed my issues with Food Day in my livejournal. Even if I have, I've added so many people to my Friends list since that time that it's worth going over again (as if you're not just going to skim this post anyway).

Food Day is exactly what it sounds like. It's the day when everybody brings in a dish to pass, etc., etc., etc... Sounds like what's traditionally called a potluck, right? I can't find the phrase "Food Day" on our company website, but it's the one used by our HR department and by people from our other campuses, so I can only assume that "Food Day" is the official company term for potluck (a word which I have never heard spoken here in reference to a work-related function).

I think the phrase Food Day sounds ridiculous, like something a four-year-old would say. Even Threebrain would feel stupid using it in a song. I mean, sure, "Food Day" is an easy concept to grasp for, say, someone who speaks English as a second language, but our hiring process pretty much weeds out anybody who couldn't understand a simple explanation of what "potluck" means. Potluck has its own Wikipedia entry. Food Day does not. Potluck has numerous synonyms on Food Day isn't even listed.

I remember having a conversation with the AEG shortly after I began working here where I said something like, "doesn't the phrase 'Food Day' strike you as sound kind of... I don't know, dumb?"

She just stared at me and said "What else would you call it?"

The AEG is a smart woman and I've never heard anybody else complain about the phrase "Food Day," so I'll concede that I'm the one with a problem. Still, every time I hear that phrase, I imagine Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons saying it. "Break out the mustard and that jar of olives, Brandeen! It's Fooood Day!"
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