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No caffeine and no... uh... no caffeine makes Colin a dull boy.

Just got back from singing in Cambridge with offBeat. We sang to our regulars and a few others. Ellen and my parents were all there. Nothing too special, but it went well. We have the next couple of weeks off which means that we'll be working up Christmas songs. Ellen thinks we should sing Down With the Sickness, and I don't necessarily disagree, but she's pushing for the lounge version by Richard Cheese, and I'm a purist who would rather do it in the style of Disturbed. If we could agree on one version, I might be less in favor of singing it.

Anyway, that was my big excitement for the day. Today was just awful at work -- caffeine irritates the vocal cords and my throat was already sore, so I didn't have any coffee at all. As a result, I dragged my feet all day and caught my second wind around 6:30. It's finally beginning to wind down, and I'm going to help it by watching the Gus Van Sant's 1998 remake of Psycho. I haven't seen it before, and I don't recall hearing anything good about it when it was new. The fact that the DVD case is completely unmarred by excerpts of reviews is somewhat ominous. I can't really figure out what Van Sant was trying to do by making a shot-for-shot remake. I'm mostly curious to hear Danny Elfman's take on Bernard Herrmann's score.
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