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Halloween! Henry Rollins! Memories of PBS!

The last couple of days have been action packed, but in the interest of not filling up your Friends page, I'm going to gloss over all the good stuff. Here we go:

On Monday night I went to renny1780's Halloween party. phil_bond, ribsinbacon, crabmoon, the_tick27, evil_jim, and pennylane_81 and our friend Lynnette were all in attendance. I dressed as Arthur Dent because, well, all it takes is a bathrobe, pajamas and a towel. Mushroom pizza and pumpkin juice were consumed and the movie The Wraith was tolerated. I learned that Greg Hildebrandt illustrated an edition of Dracula (this is the sort of thing I care about), and Renee received a grand total of two trick-or-treaters. That number would be funny if they ever made a Halloween sequel to Animal House, but considering that Renee lives in an unassumingly attractive house in a reputable middle-class neighborhood, it's a little weird.

On Tuesday night I joined inle_the_rabbit, mlitiagrl, poriginal, defaultlisa and our friend Josh at Monty's Blue Plate prior to seeing Henry Rollins at the Barrymore. Some of you will remember Josh as one of the guys* who played Rocky in the Decadence cast. Others will remember him as the guy who got yelled at a lot (along with Alice and I) in Mr. McGonigal's film class. Actually, I take that back. Alice and I are the only ones who remember that second thing, and really, most of those who remember Decadence have tried hard to forget it. I'm sorry I'm digressing so badly, but I just don't care.

Anyway, my sister was bussing tables so I bugged her a little bit, and then we headed over to the theater to hear Mr. Rollins. I'd never seen him before. In fact, my only real exposure has been through his occasional movie roles, a couple of tracks from his albums which friends have played for me, and some weird poetry thing I saw on PBS in the mid-'90s which I really only watched because Maggie Estep was in it. Not sure why I bring that up. Anyway, the show was great. He monologued on everything from Wal-Mart to vomit to his experience on the Trans-Siberian Express to the implications of a Hillary Clinton presidency (including the explosion of Ann Coulter's head). Watching Henry Rollins is like watching the angriest, most intelligent standup comedian in the world, and I can't recommend the experience highly enough. See him next time he's in town. Do it.

By comparison, today has been relatively uneventful. We got that stupid fax and I went grocery shopping. Then I went to my usual Wednesday evening class. These things are not boring, but they don't make for good voyeurism, you know? I want to make myself sound interesting here.

I'm gonna post this, then watch an episode of Wild Palms (which finally came out on DVD (and it's really not that glorious)) and go to bed. First though, I'd like to remind all y'all that offBeat will be singing again tomorrow night at the Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge. Seven o'clock. The admission is free and the food is reasonably priced. I recommend the reuben, partly because it's the only thing I've tried there, but also because it's pretty good.

* He's the one who wasn't Jimi or Denny or Peewee.
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