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"For you the living, this Mash was meant to. When you get to my door, tell them offBeat sent you..."

offBeat's performance last night went really well. We did almost a two-hour set (including intermission). I think we're finally finding our performance style, which fits somewhere between the informality of open mic night and the ritual of a standard a cappella show. I tend to develop stage fright when I don't perform in front of a group for awhile, and I think that's more or less melted away, too.

We had a good sized audience, and the restaurant was not prepared for the number of patrons we'd bring in. That statement is somewhat misleading because we mostly brought in family and friends, but we've converted a few people we don't know. We cleaned up on tips because the audience was comprised disproportionately of medical professionals.

The couple of new songs we added to our set went really well too. I mention this because although Love Potion #9 will probably be sticking around permanently, The Monster Mash is probably a seasonal thing. It may go away after Halloween, and do you really want to go through life not knowing what my Boris Karloff impression sounds like?*

Anyway, all y'all should come out on Thursday, October 27th to the Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge where we'll knock your socks off.

* Actually, my Bela Lugosi is a lot better than my Karloff, but The Monster Mash is a long, repetitive song, so we've cut about half of it (notably the Lugosi impression) and dovetailed it with Zombie Jamboree.
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