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My Dinner with Weekend Update

So my Jehova's Witness literature experience wasn't so scary after all... I said I'd have a look at it, and I haven't decided what exactly that means.

Um, I guess I should recap my weekend... Nothing too exciting, and that's fine. More food than usual.

On Friday night I got together with Thea to work on one of her webcomics. Well, actually, we're collaborating on a webcomic -- the ideas are mostly hers, but I'm writing the dialogue and putting the images together (since we're working with clay figures). More on this as it develops, I suppose. Anyway, we didn't work on the webcomic. We went to Ginza of Tokyo instead, and I fell helplessly in temporary infatuation with our waitress. It's temporary (as in over) because she's probably taken, and on the off chance that she's not taken, she's probably like, seventeen. On the off chance that she's as twenty four as she looks and single, she's probably got a grating personality. On the off chance that she's twenty four and single and wouldn't hate me, she's probably suffered a bout of spontaneous human combustion over the weekend. I promised myself I wouldn't get involved with anybody like that ever again.

Regardless, the sushi was almost as good as it was expensive. Thea says I should have written my phone number on the receipt, but I'd be afraid of misleading somebody by attaching my name to something that resembles a small Haliburton budget.

On Saturday I got together with Ellen before she had to work. We went to Quaker Steak and Lube where we discussed crappy horror movies. Well, crappy movies of all kinds, really, but mostly horror since that's apparently what Fox has in their movie library. She's afraid that one day she'll have to run a Leprechaun marathon or something, and though Fox has never been known for their uh, quality programming, I can't imagine their standards stooping quite that low.*† Anyway, I enjoyed hanging out with her.

On Saturday night I did absolutely nothing. I was working on a couple of projects and I had thought about calling somebody (specifically theenigma42 and lord_alucard), but by the time I was free, it was later than I'd expected, and I had to be up early on Sunday so I just stayed home. That probably sounds like a wasted Saturday night, but it felt pretty productive to me.

On Sunday I picked up my sister and her boyfriend and headed over to my parents' house. The whole family had been invited to lunch at my mom's friend Jean's house. I hardly know Jean at all -- we know Jean mostly through her sister Sally to whom my mom is much closer. Mom has always said that she doesn't think Jean likes her very much, but after watching them interact I can't figure out why she'd think that. Jean lives in a cottage in Brodhead (or maybe outside -- I don't know Brodhead, and it's small enough that I can't tell the difference). It's right next to the Sugar River, and it's a gorgeous place. Jean asked us all to sign her guestbook and I couldn't think of anything to write that wasn't insipid. It was a very pleasant time though, and I got to see some people whom I haven't seen in several years.

After I went home, I met lord_alucard, laviorli, theenigma42, and our friend Shannon at Broom Street Theater to see 667: The Number of the Neighbor of the Beast. They enjoyed it at least as much as I've been trying to convince people that they would, so once again: go see the play. It runs through the end of the month, weekends at 8:00, seven dollars.

Geez, I should go to bed. I've backdated my post so that it appears on Monday, but it's actually well into Tuesday morning as I write this. I went over to Thea's place again after work, and we got a fair amount of work done on our webcomic which (one day) will probably be quietly linked here in the middle of much longer and unrelated post. In the meantime, I should catch some sleep.

† The views expressed in this paragraph are soley of the individual providing them and do not reflect the opinions of Ellen, her parent, affiliate, or subsidiary companies or her cat.

* Well, okay, Fox airs worse things than Leprechaun, but Elimidate is only half an hour long, and the O'Reilly Factor is on Fox News.
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