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My mom sent a buttnernut squash home with me on Sunday (along with a whole mess o' tomatoes, some peppers, some soup...). I've never cooked a squash before, and it's incredibly easy ('specially if you're like me and you'd rather cook it plain and season it later), but the Internet has no idea how long it takes. The median answer was "cut it in half and bake it for 40 minutes at 400°," but (since most of you read my journal for the cooking tips), one hour and twenty minutes (testing occasionally) is a little more like it.

The point of that paragraph was to say that I am dining on delicious squash tonight as I write my livejournal post. Post-posting I will probably watch a crappy movie. I'm trying to decide between A Bucket of Blood and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Anyway, I got an invitation in the mail from Television Preview. Ever heard of them? They send you four tickets to a screening of "TV programs plus advertising segments." Presumably you go to some hotel conference room, watch a couple of sitcom pilots and some commercials, and then answer questions about them. ribsinbacon says "don't go, it's a scam," but in fact it isn't -- it's market research to judge how people respond to commercials, which is fully implied in the invitation. The sitcoms aren't important, and if you click this link you can read all sorts of blog entries about how much the experience sucks. Frankly, I'd just like to go and see if I can get thrown out for yelling at the screen. 'course, it's on a Friday night, and even I have better things to do on a Friday night than driving waaaaay over to the far West side to get kicked out of a hotel conference room -- even with the promise of "$250 in door prizes to be distributed among the participants."
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