February 21st, 2006

Wedding day


Me: I was listening to the radio on my lunchbreak and I got to thinking.

Guy in the next cubicle: About what?

Me: My mom used to raise birds and I spent a lot of time around them when I was a kid. I know what birds sound like.

Guy: So?

Me: I don't think Prince has any idea at all what it sounds like when doves cry. I think he was totally making it up.

Guy: You're probably right.

Me: I know what birds sound like. They don't sound like Prince.

Guy: Were you really listening to Prince?

Me: No, I'm just bored.

Guy: I got that over here if you want to borrow it. It's my third favorite CD.

Me: What are the other two?

Guy: Lost and Found by Mudvayne and Issues by KoRn.

Girl a different cubicle: What's wrong with you guys?