February 1st, 2006

Wedding day

State of the Onion

In case you missed it last night, I've provided a transcript of the State of the Union Address:


So last night I got together with a couple of coworkers to watch the State of the Union Address. matchstyx was there, along with my boss and (oddly) the director and about half of the cast of A Wake. Snacks were consumed. Alcohol was drunk. Glasses of water were nursed (well okay, one glass, and it was mine). Disgust was expressed, lies were exposed, profanity hurled, and emotional support given.

It was an interesting experience.

The AEG was invited but she didn't think she could handle it and stayed home to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, and The Bad News Bears. Obviously the speech is today's big talk radio topic, and she's upset now that she's hearing what it was about. I'd be upset too, but bouncing my annoyance off other people absorbed the brunt of my anger.
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