January 25th, 2006

Wedding day

We are confirmed for B-Fest!

As some of you may recall, last January I attended a B-movie festival called B-Fest with evil_jim, matt_william, and a couple of people who don't have livejournals (imagine that). It was a good time (excrutiating, but good), and we'd been planning to go again this year. Tickets sold out quickly last year, so we had people calling as soon as the box office opened. Sadly, all the available spots filled up before we could even get through.

We reserved a spot on the waiting list, and set about planning our own mini-B-Fest. I was going to bring a stack of Ed Wood movies, Vincent Price's Dr. Phibes philms, and numerous "gems" such as Waxwork II, Death Race 2000, Forbidden Zone, and Shock Treatment.

Now I hafta* put 'em all back because our tickets have come through. On Friday morning I'll be heading down to Northwestern University for twenty four hours of  wine, women and song and women  movies -- some maligned, some forgotten, all of questionable quality.

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This is gonna be fantastic. I should get a little extra sleep over the next couple of days so I make it through the whole festival.

I'm so excited.

* This is such a real word that it's not even funny.
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