January 6th, 2006

Wedding day

Hangin' out, singin' songs, and makin' enemies (though not at the same time)

Yesterday was a good day.

I took a little time off work so that I'd be able to see april_tehe before she went back to Racine. We got together with fuzzyinthehead at the Electric Earth Coffee Shop (where I'd never been), and then helped her pick out a wedding dress. I exhausted my reperitoire of "Do-you-think-I'd-look-good-in-this-evening-gown?-I-could-be-Nick's-best-ma'am" jokes, which at last count totals one.

Later offBeat sung at the Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge. Small crowd, good performance. My aunt Patricia and her daughter Maggie were in attendence, which was cool because Maggie returns to school in Ohio soon, and she wasn't able to attend our last performance thanks to the snow. There was a middle-aged couple who really enjoyed us, and apparently the husband would like to hire us for his birthday party which is incredibly flattering. Mostly though, I mention them because they got excited the very moment I started singing Dentist! from Little Shop of Horrors. It's not a song many people recognize (at least, not during the first four measures of the song), but it's such a fun song. I'm so glad I lobbied for it.

Anyway, today at work I'm making enemies, specifically at other banks. Collapse )
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