December 19th, 2005

Wedding day


My Secret Santa at work is definitely the AEG. How do I know? Because she's the only person who would get me coffee, and despite numerous conversations about it, she never remembers that I don't like it flavored.
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Wedding day

Weekend Update's Big Score

Let's see if I can make this one quick:

Friday: Hung out at agaysexicon & fuzzyinthehead's with tmbgfan1234, koriandrkitten, bluntobject, jeklnskinsgrl, sylversmoke and Jimi. Watched Labyrinth and Love Actually, talked through Muppet Treasure Island. Verdict: Had a good time.

Saturday afternoon: Hung out with Ellen, had lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's. Got my Christmas present from her and cursed Amazon for not shipping hers faster. Verdict: Had a good time.

Saturday evening: Went to laviorli's annual "Reunion of Sorts." Worries about uncomfortable social situations were dispelled by certain people not being there. Saw people I haven't seen in a long time, mostly talked to evil_jim. Played seanorange's hangman game and was dismayed to learn that there is nobody called the "Harlem Glovetrotters." phil_bond and I sang a duet to Material Girl on the game Karaoke Revolution and outsold Madonna. Lindsay made hats for everybody. Mine is a bunny, and it's actually pretty cool. Verdict: Had a good time, got a hat.

Saturday night: Went to Rocky Horror, received delicious Christmas cookies from sweet_hot_lips (thanks Tina!), and finally met xmerrie1039x. Went to dinner where people actually fought over me to have me sit at their table, consequently spread myself somewhat thinly. Oh, well. Verdict: Had a good time.

Sunday: Visited Mom & Dad with my sister, relearned The Boar's Head Carol. No, I don't expect anyone to know what I'm talking about. Did frantic last-minute shopping for my Secret Santa recipient at work, came up with Bratz coloring book and 24 assorted crayons. Tomorrow he's getting rubber ducks with Santa hats. Verdict: Had a good time.

Monday: Saw King Kong with koriandrkitten. Not sure why so many people expected it to suck, but I expected to love it and I did. Good cast, good story, and probably the best special effects all-around that I've ever seen. Very solid filmmaking from Peter Jackson, who is fast becoming the modern Ray Harryhausen. Deserves a much longer review than this, complete with comarisons between Jack Black's character, Orson Welles, and Edward D. Wood jr. I think 2005 has spoiled me as far as movies go. Verdict: Had a good time.
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