December 9th, 2005

Wedding day

offBeat @ Stella's and TMBG podcast #1

I really want to go to bed, and will be doing so shortly. In the meantime:

This has been a good night.

offBeat sang at Stella's Speakeasy to a moderately sized crowd. Not many of those present knew us, but we were well-liked. evil_jim gave us a more-detailed writeup than I'm willing to, so I recommend that those interested check it out on his journal. Anyway, he was in attendance with his dad, as were theenigma42, laviorli, and pennylane_81. We had some pretty good banter going with the crowd, and it was a good performance. The management liked us, so (hopefully) we'll be performing there again.

After the show, Keith and I went to Denny's because neither of us could remember the last time we ate. We had a good conversation, and went home shortly after 10:20. I'm sure everybody else's night was just beginning at that point, but frankly, I need the sleep.

Other than that, my day has been less than noteworthy. ribsinbacon and I discussed shoveling the driveway... that was about it.

I do want to point out that They Might Be Giants has just initiated a brand-friggin'-new podcast. It's terribly, terribly entertaining and features (among other things) a bizzare cover of It Was a Very Good Year and the seldom-heard Strawberry Fields-Memorial version of Particle Man. The MP3 is nearly 20 megabytes and I've linked it here, but I thisnk this first episode is the only one for which I'll be posting a link. Those wishing to subscribe to the podcast via their livejournal friends page should Collapse )
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