December 1st, 2005

Wedding day

Please renew my susbcription to Desperate Bellowing Magazine.

I used to post a lot of fortunes from fortune cookies here, but it's been awhile. Chinese food fell temporarily out of favor with several of my coworkers, and I've been packing lunches. Today it's cold and snowy though, and that brings out the wimp in people. They broke down and ordered Chinese. At some point this afternoon I need to take an actual, genuine lunchbreak so I can go to the bank, but presently I'm eating steamed broccoli (mixed with far less healthy things) and remembering that I generally prefer Imperial Garden to Chang Jiang.

This is the fortune which came with my cookie:

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't make this stuff up. Karma, apparently, is telling me that if I don't own a home soon, my life is gonna suck.

Or something like that.
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