November 4th, 2005

Wedding day

entrangled in a hallucenation brought on by the use of illicit mans

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Anyway, one of my favorite subject-dedicated wikis is This Might Be a Wiki (guess why). Unfortunately, it perfectly illustrates one of the problems of a specialized wiki.

Wikipedia has (note to self: do some reasearch and stick a real number in here) visitors every day. For reasons beyond my comprehension, some of those people take it upon themselves to read the new or updated entries and fix errors, remove vandalism, and otherwise maintain the site. Smaller, specialized wikis don't always have people who are willing to do that.

TMBW is a well-maintained wiki, but its users don't correct each other's mistakes very often. The factual content of the site (song lyrics and quotes, for example) is clean and accurate, while the song interpretations and other opinion-based discussions are rife with misspellings, grammatic errors, and stuff that just doesn't make any sense no matter how many times I read it. Either the people who use the site just don't care, or they're afraid of stepping on each other's toes. I'm guessing it's the latter, which is too bad because the site is full of unintelligible passages like the one below, which describes somebody's interpretation of the lyrics to the song Fun Assassin:
I think this song is about a guy who can't think where he put a thing, so he has to keep getting the attention of his friend who likes to kill fun dead; in its tracks. So then there is a series of vignettes about this friend appearing through out history, killing people and causing general havoc. As a continuity thread, it is worth it to say that this friend is the same person aluded to in Certain People I Could Name. And then what happens is that the man/woman singing the song becomes entrangled in the web, and is killed by the Fun Assassin who, of coarse, turns out to be the man/woman singing the song. It is all a bad dream, or a hallucenation brought on by the use of illicit mans.
What in the hell does any of that mean? Not to say that the lyrics are entirely straightforward, but I think I know what the song is about. What's all this stuff about multiple identities?
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