October 20th, 2005

Wedding day

And now the health report: I'm fine, thank you.

I'm not sure how, exactly, but somebody managed to take up four handicapped spaces at the grocery store this morning. I imagine that most handicapped people feel neglected and put-upon from time to time, but apparently there's a minority who feel neglected and put-upon with a vengeance.

Anyway, I took a couple of hours off work this morning to go to the dentist and get my oil changed. My dental appointment was brief and encouraging because, well, I try hard to take care of my teeth. The oil change was the quickest I've ever gotten, and cheap too, since I had a coupon. This is the place that I stopped going to about a year ago because my car had hit 75,000 miles which nearly doubled their higher than average price. They're under new management now so maybe the pricing will be better. If nothing else they have a different staff. When I first stopped going there, all of their employees were the guys I avoided in high school. The new employees look like the same kind of guys, but I didn't recognize any of them so they must have been the bane of some other geek's existence.

None of this is important because I don't plan on going there anyway. I continued to get my oil changed there after I moved to Madison because they were near my parents' old house, but once I got my free customer-loyalty oil change, I found a cheaper place closer to home. They were on the way back to work from my dentist's office, but that may change too since I've just learned that my dentist is not renewing his contract with my insurance carrier. Isn't the minutia of my life fascinating?

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And just to hammer the point home, offBeat performs tonight (Thursday) at the Mill Street Inn and Pub in Cambridge at 7:00. Tell your friends! Conversely, if you don't like us, tell your enemies!

All right, back to work.
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