October 1st, 2005

Wedding day

Why am I not in bed yet?

I'm mostly recovered from being sick, which is not to say that I feel like dancing. My throat still hurts, my nose still runs, and I don't particularly like Leo Sayer anyway.

Why, if I'm not feeling great, am I still awake?

Partly it's because I'm not very smart.

Mostly it's because Ellen has just gone home, and now I'm going to hang out with evil_jim. Ellen and I got together so that she could finally check out my new digs, and she either approves or is lying. Could be either one, really. Ellen does not have a reputation for lying to me, and I'm sure she appreciates the economy of my living situation. Anyway, we went to Ella's Deli for dinner, and both of us ordered basically the same thing (she got hers with Sprite, I had a strawberry phosphate). Then we went back to my place where I badgered her into watching Dark City, which again, she either enjoyed or lied about.

Jim called during the movie, and I was going to let it slide until I read that Dagon had died (the poor thing), and that Jim was getting antsy. I can certainly understand his need for something to do, so I called him back.

And he's on his way.

And somehow, I swear, I will get some sleep tonight. I'm not sure how, but it will happen. I lay awake in bed until 2:30 last night before drifting off to sleep, and I dragged my feet all day at work. I've caught my second wind, and hopefully hanging out 'til 37 o'clock will run me down a bit. If not, I have plenty of valerian and warm milk. Well, it's not warm yet, but it could be.

Aren't you glad you read my livejournal? This has gotta be the highlight of your friggin' day. I promise to get mad at something soon and write about it -- that always makes for an interesting entry. I'm sure somebody has butchered another one of my favorite books in the proceess of bringing it to the silver screen. Or maybe some idiot from Kentucky is parked in front of our driveway again. Actually, that hasn't happened in this new place. In fact, with the exception of that guy who berated me for parking on his side of the street, parking has been relatively simple here, and nobody has leaned their bicycle up against my car or repeatedly opened their door into it. This alone makes my current residence a prime piece of real estate.

EDIT: It would be somewhat primer if there weren't several teenagers laying in the middle of the road. Why in the hell are they doing that? Seriously??
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