September 7th, 2005

Wedding day

Bob Denver Memorial, MP3 of the Month, and offBeat

First of all, before we get things rollin' here, ribsinbacon, RJ and I would like to point you all to "Goodbye Little Buddy!", our tribute to the late Bob Denver.

For this we are sincerely sorry. I just know we're gonna upset somebody on my Friends list.

All right. What else do I have for you? Well, September's MP3 of the Month is up. It has been for a couple of days, actually, but tonight is the night I feel like mentioning it. It's called From the Ground Up, and it's a direct product of my aspirations to become a composer of video game music, circa 1992. Ah, well. Check it out. Seriously.

Anyway, offBeat performs tomorrow night at the Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge. Directions are available from the Pub's website. We sing our first set at 7:00 PM, and the Best of Our First Set around 8:00 or shortly thereafter. Be there or don't.
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