June 15th, 2005

Wedding day

Ella's Deli and Batman Begins

First of all, I'd like to thank those of you who were invited to and showed up at Ella's last night. I hadn't counted on the lousy placement of the tables, so I hope everyone had a good time. I mostly stuck to talking with Ellen, lord_alucard, Keith and april_tehe. With some people I shared no more than a greeting and a "thank you" when they wished me a "happy birthday" before taking off. Which is fine. Like I said, the table wasn't exactly conducive to group conversation.

Anyway, Ellen got us tickets to see The Merry Wives of Windsor at APT a little later in the month, and Tom and Keith got me a DVD of Better Off Dead, which means I can stop deciding to buy it later every time I go to Best Buy (this happens more often than you'd expect). They also got me a shirt which says "Trust me, I do this all the time." I'm not sure which of my frequently performed actions it's in reference to, but I'm making a long list of inappropriate situations in which to wear it. Add to this the plush shoggoth evil_jim gave me a couple of weeks ago, and I made out with a pretty good haul.

After dinner I wanted to go home and get some things done, but Tom, Keith and Ellen (April too, for awhile) wanted to keep hanging out, so after repeated attempts on my part to go home, I resigned myself to killing time with them prior to the 12:01 showing of Batman Begins. We drank coffee and got mad at the IQ Tester games (the ones with the pegs) while we talked about nothing in particular. It was fun. Eventually I resigned myself to going to see Batman with them, and Ellen went home. Batman was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision, and I was cranky by the time 12:01 AM rolled around. I tried hard not to like it very much, but it won me over anyway. Collapse )
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