June 9th, 2005

Wedding day

Secret handshake, smart and bullet-proof...

We had a Toastmasters meeting today at work or rather, our chapter of the Toastmasters club met, and I went because I'd received an invitation.

Toastmasters is a group you join to become better at public speaking. I'm terrified of public speaking. Granted, I spoke at my high school graduation and did pretty well, but these days I friggin' hate it. This is, of course, exactly why you join Toastmasters. You learn how to speak extemporaneously in front of a group. You learn how to run a meeting. You learn how to perform well when you're put on the spot and fend off hecklers.

These are things some people need to learn. They are called managers and supervisors, and the meeting was full of them. The attendees who weren't managers of some sort were all in sales or some other PR-kinda position. I'm a serf. I'm a flunky. I think it's funny to describe my position as "sub-sub peon, second class." It's not that this is all that I aspire to be, or all I want out of life or this job, but... did I miss something? Why am I suddenly being invited to join Toastmasters? Why was I asked to join the book group that's reading How to Be a Star at Work? Why are managers with whom I've never even spoken with before suddenly telling me about their condos and their implants and their brother's bachelor parties and the new Tahoe their daugher is getting when she turns sweet sixteen?

I do not understand it. Not at all, not at all.
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Wedding day

Oh, and:

I do believe my monitor just died. If anybody wants to splurge and make me feel bad about not loving them enough, I've been drooling over 17" LCD flat-panels.
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